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Severe storms, damaging winds, heavy rain, tornadoes Central Florida - Orlando weather prediction

"Severe storms to hit Central Florida on Tuesday, including heavy rain, damaging winds, lightning, and possible tornado. FOX 35 Storm Alert Day."

Get ready, Central Florida! A powerful line of storms is heading our way, and it could bring some serious weather on Tuesday. We're talking heavy rain, intense and damaging winds, frequent lightning, and even the possibility of a tornado. That's why FOX 35 has declared Tuesday a Storm Alert Day, because we want to make sure you're prepared for what's coming.

So, here's the deal: Tuesday is going to start off pretty breezy, dry, and with temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s. But as the afternoon rolls around, a big front is expected to move in from the west, hitting Gainesville first and then spreading across much of Central Florida.

The main threats we're looking at are those damaging winds (some of them could be over 70 mph!), heavy rain, lots of lightning, and the potential for tornadoes. That's why we want to make sure you're in the loop with all the latest updates. Make sure to download the FOX 35 News and FOX 35 Storm Team weather apps so you can get real-time alerts and stay on top of everything.

If you're wondering what to do when you hear about a thunderstorm watch, severe thunderstorm watch, or a tornado watch, it basically means that the conditions are right for one of those events to happen. In other words, all the ingredients are there for a big storm or a tornado. This is the time to get ready, secure anything that might blow away, and check in on your loved ones and pets.

Now, if you hear about a thunderstorm warning, severe thunderstorm warning, or a tornado warning, that means the event is happening right now - and you need to take action immediately. During a severe thunderstorm, get inside a sturdy building and away from windows. And if there's a tornado warning, seek shelter right away, stay away from windows, and find the safest room in your home.

We're here to help you keep track of these storms. You can head over to or check out the "FOX 35 Storm Tracker Weather Radar & Maps" section in the FOX 35 News app to see updated radar maps for several Central Florida counties.

So, stay safe, stay prepared, and stay tuned for all the latest updates as this storm rolls through Central Florida. We've got your back!

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