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Is Michelle Obama On Deck For The Dems? A Plausible Scenario - Conservative Firing Line

Warning: Least-qualified person could be next president. Citizens urged to fight existential threat of Obama team's fourth term. Stay vigilant!

The latest warning that is circulating warns that the least-qualified person may be the next president of the United States. The call has gone out to the citizens to prepare to fight the existential threat of the Obama team's fourth term. This is a moment for mournful prayer, as none of us can see the future, but given the present circumstance, we must exercise our suspicions.

I rarely write in the first person, but here, I must suspect my own thinking first and let others confess or deny their own gullibility, without making any accusations. Am I alone in being encouraged by the assurances of victory in the polls concerning the coming battle of the Titans? But, "fool me once," etc., etc.

I remember being nearly overcome with a joyful certainty in '16 and '20 that the forces opposing Trump's MAGA were so patently pathetic that victory was assured. Being right one time out of two is never much comfort when you're counting the times that we avoided a coup. Is this a bit of déjà vu?

I remember being excited to hear the prognosticated "news" in 2020, thinking we were about to turn the corner. Instead, what emerged was a worldwide administrative state in lockstep denial of what has become obvious to billions. We have gone from a planetary flood of the sadly fooled to a trickle of benighted, still willing pin cushions.

I can remember being very excited to hear the prognosticated "news" in 2020. Surely, as election fraud case after case was kicked up to the next higher court, the Supreme Court would inevitably have to hear the petition for relief. But it was not to be.

Now comes the time to stop and measure the degree to which propaganda can utterly smother the truth. Now comes the time to watch what we ourselves are thinking and question the origins of the viewpoint.

I would gladly agree to be giddy at the vision of the wretched Biden falling before the Trump juggernaut. But, be still my pounding heart! Let's move the issue about a foot to the north and think about it.

Biden is already toast, to be sure. Talking Democrat shills are starting to spread the word, even now.

What is being portrayed by the propaganda arm of the DNC, and apparently soothing even many on the right? What a conundrum! What a fatal trap has ensnared the left! Not only is old Joe uninterested in stepping aside, but they have no one else who can reliably replace him!

There are voices on the right, just now coming out of the ether, acknowledging the high probability of Joe stroking out (or whatever) just after his nomination is confirmed, leaving the Dems "no choice" but to name a favored replacement. Michelle Obama will take to the mic and claim it's not a job she wants, but to save the country she is willing. And never you mind about my qualifications. Because I will have the most qualified adviser in America by my side.

The point here is that, for now, campaigning against Biden may be the fools' mission of the century. The most logical thing is to raise the alarm, identify Biden, once and for all, as the Obama proxy that he is, and address the Obama-Biden regime as one and the same, a nation-destroying team, with our erstwhile heroine, Michelle, the next bitter slugger on deck.

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