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Woody Paige: Nuggets trade deadline looming after eking out win

Nuggets and 76ers showdown was a letdown. Joel Embiid was out due to knee soreness, impacting the outcome of the game.

The highly anticipated showdown between the Denver Nuggets and the Philadelphia 76ers turned out to be a disappointment. The Nuggets came out victorious, but the game was far from spectacular.

The game was marred by the absence of key players on both teams. The Nuggets struggled with free throws and fatigue, while the 76ers were missing several of their top players. Despite the lackluster performance, the Nuggets managed to secure a win in the final minutes of the game.

The absence of Joel Embiid, the reigning NBA MVP, due to knee soreness, was a major blow for the 76ers. This is not the first time Embiid has missed a game in Denver, and his absence could be a significant factor if the two teams were to meet in the NBA Finals.

The Nuggets, on the other hand, had their own injury concerns, with three of their starters dealing with various ailments. Despite this, they managed to outplay the 76ers and secure the win.

The game highlighted the depth and resilience of both teams, with the Nuggets' bench players stepping up to contribute to the win. However, the game also exposed the need for the Nuggets to make significant improvements if they hope to defend their title.

The article also discusses potential trade options for the Nuggets, emphasizing the need to acquire a veteran player to strengthen their roster. The writer suggests targeting a player like Bruce Brown, who could provide the experience and skill needed to compete at the highest level.

Overall, the article paints a picture of a game that fell short of expectations but also highlights the potential for both teams to improve and compete at the highest level.

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