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Nancy Pelosi addresses Trump's name confusion, mixing up seven times

Pelosi responds to Trump's false claims that she was responsible for Capitol security lapses, calling out his "cognitive disorders" and lies.

During a recent rally, Donald Trump made a statement accusing former Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being responsible for security lapses at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. However, he mistakenly attributed the actions to Nikki Haley, suggesting that she was the Speaker of the House on that day. In response to this, Pelosi dismissed Trump's accusations, stating that she wouldn't spend too much time on his "cognitive disorders."

In a subsequent interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Pelosi addressed her previous comments about Trump's cognitive disorders, acknowledging that anyone can make a mistake but emphasizing that Trump had lied about refusing to send the National Guard to the Capitol. Trump had claimed that rival GOP candidate Nikki Haley was "in charge of security" during the January 6 assault, but he had confused her with Pelosi.

As reported by NBC News, Trump accused Haley of allowing evidence to be destroyed and refusing 10,000 soldiers for security. However, the next day, Trump corrected himself in a post on Truth Social, acknowledging that it was Pelosi, not Haley, who was responsible for security on January 6. He also accused the January 6th Unselect Committee of deleting and destroying evidence, calling it illegal.

Trump's claim that Pelosi had turned down 10,000 troops on January 6 was refuted by the now-defunct Jan. 6 committee's final report, which found no evidence of this. Pelosi defended herself in a recent MSNBC interview, reiterating that it was Trump, not Haley, who was responsible for the National Guard and accusing Trump of misrepresentations.

In conclusion, Trump's accusations against Pelosi and Haley regarding the security lapses on January 6, 2021, have been refuted by evidence and statements from Pelosi herself. It is important to consider the facts and not get caught up in Trump's misrepresentations.

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