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Boomer moved California Minnesota never moving back San Diego weather convenience

Brian Dalton, 72, moved from Minnesota to California for the weather. He loves the amenities and the outdoors. Gas is expensive.

Seventy-two-year-old Brian Dalton spent the majority of his life in Minnesota, apart from a three-year stint in North Carolina with the Army and a brief period in Arizona. For over 40 years, he worked as a laboratory manager and bartender in Minneapolis. Although he always harbored a desire to live in California, it wasn't until his retirement that he finally made the move. After spending some time in California to help his son start a business, he decided to relocate there permanently. The decision was driven by his desire to escape the cold Minnesota winters and live near the coast, despite the higher cost of living in California.

Dalton is just one of thousands of former Minnesota residents who moved to California. According to US Census migration data, 5,143 people made the move from Minnesota to California between 2021 and 2022, while 6,900 people moved from California to Minnesota during the same period. The data also shows that nearly 131,000 people left Minnesota, with 117,000 moving in, while almost 818,000 people left California and 475,800 moved in. Many of the people who moved to California cited the state's favorable weather, business opportunities, healthcare resources, and infrastructure as key factors in their decision.

After retiring, Dalton pursued his long-held dream of living in California. Having fond memories of spending time in the Los Angeles area during his teenage years, he was drawn to the state's natural beauty. He frequently visited his children in San Diego and eventually decided to join them on the West Coast. Despite initially thinking that California would be too expensive, he eventually took the leap and moved to the state.

Dalton settled in a senior complex in Escondido, San Diego County, where he pays $1,700 a month. While this is significantly higher than the cost of his previous apartment in Minnesota, he enjoys the modern facilities, amenities, and improved maintenance in his California residence. The appeal of the weather was also a driving factor in his decision to relocate, as he now enjoys the sunny climate and diverse landscapes of San Diego County.

Although he acknowledges the higher cost of living in California, Dalton appreciates the benefits of living in a place that aligns with his lifelong dream. He enjoys the comfortable climate, outdoor activities, and proximity to essential services. While he misses his friends in Minneapolis, he has no intention of returning to Minnesota and plans to stay in San Diego County for the foreseeable future.

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