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Piers Morgan supports actor criticizing spineless people

Piers Morgan backs Ralph Fiennes, who believes trigger warnings in theatre are "absolutely pathetic" and that audiences should be "shocked and disturbed".

Piers Morgan has expressed his support for actor Ralph Fiennes, who recently questioned the necessity of trigger warnings in theater. Fiennes, currently starring in a touring production of Macbeth, believes that audiences should be "shocked and disturbed" by what they see. On Twitter, Morgan backed Fiennes' stance, stating "Well said, Mr. Fiennes. Absolutely pathetic that audiences need 'trigger warnings' in case scenes upset them. If you're that spineless, don't go!"

Fiennes expressed his views on warning audiences about potentially upsetting content in a recent interview, stating "I think we didn't used to have trigger warnings. I mean, there are very disturbing scenes in Macbeth, terrible murders and things. But I think the impact of theatre should be that you're shocked and you should be disturbed." He also hit out at trigger warnings at theaters and suggested keeping warnings for things like flashing lights.

Morgan's agreement with Fiennes' views comes after he announced his departure from his position at TalkTV, sparking outrage with his comments about Prince Harry. He will be moving to YouTube, which means he will no longer be regulated by Ofcom. Despite the controversy surrounding him, Morgan has never had an Ofcom ruling against him.

In addition to his support for Fiennes and his move to YouTube, Morgan also issued a controversial bet with the Prime Minister on whether deportation flights will resume before the election. The bet, which was branded "grotesque," has garnered attention and criticism.

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