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Ben Affleck introduces Dunkins boy band with Matt Damon in Super Bowl commercial

Actor Ben Affleck returns to Dunkin' commercial with a star-studded and hilarious second part featuring Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, and others.

Ben Affleck is back in the spotlight with the continuation of the Dunkin' commercial, which was first unveiled at the Grammy Awards. The second part of the ad, released during Super Bowl 2024, is jam-packed with star power and hilarity. In the recent ad, Affleck is joined by his high-profile family and friends, including his wife Jennifer Lopez, actor Matt Damon, and NFL star Tom Brady.

Affleck has been a Dunkin' Donuts ambassador for quite some time and previously appeared in the Super Bowl 2023 ad with Lopez. This year, he's enlisted fellow Bostonians Tom Brady and Matt Damon to join in on the fun. While the first part of the commercial was funny, the recently released second part takes the humor to a whole new level.

The first part of the commercial, which aired during the Grammy Awards, saw Affleck attempting to launch a music career and ended on a cliffhanger. The second part, released during the Super Bowl, features Affleck and his "DunKings" boy band, with Jennifer Lopez making a more prominent appearance this time.

The ad also features Matt Damon, Tom Brady, and rapper Jack Harlow. It continues the story from the previous year, with Lopez busy recording her upcoming album and movie, "This is Me...Now: A Love Story," set to be released on February 16, 2024.

The commercial showcases Affleck's determination to prove himself to his wife, Jennifer Lopez, with a humorous twist. The ad is presented in two parts, and it has been revealed that it is part of the Dunkin' Cinematic Universe. Additionally, Dunkin' has launched a new range of DunKings menu items inspired by the commercial.

Fans can even purchase the tracksuits and hats worn by Ben Affleck and his boy band from Dunkin's website, further extending the impact of the ad campaign. Overall, Affleck's return to the Dunkin' commercial is a star-studded, hilarious affair that has left fans eagerly anticipating more.

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