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House Rep warns national security threat

Republican Rep. Mike Turner urges Biden to declassify info about "serious" national security threat, but details remain unclear. Democratic lawmakers caution.

The Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Turner, has called on the Biden administration to declassify information about what he described as a serious national security threat. Although Turner did not provide any specific details about the nature of the threat, the Biden administration also declined to comment. However, several leading lawmakers, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, have urged caution and advised against overreacting.

According to a senior congressional aide, the threat is related to a Russian anti-satellite weapon that may or may not have been deployed in space. This weapon could potentially pose a significant danger to U.S. satellites, which transmit large amounts of data on a regular basis. The aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed concerns about the potential nuclear capability of the Russian weapon.

Turner sent an email to members of Congress, alerting them to an urgent matter regarding a destabilizing foreign military capability, and encouraged them to review the intelligence in a secure area known as a SCIF. Turner has been a strong advocate for U.S. national security, often at odds with some Republican colleagues who favor a more isolationist approach. He has also called for the renewal of a key U.S. government surveillance tool and supports continued military aid for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

House Speaker Mike Johnson assured the public that "steady hands are at the wheel" and emphasized that there is no need for alarm. Democratic Rep. Jim Himes, the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, also stated that the classified information is significant but not a cause for panic.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has been monitoring the issue and is discussing an appropriate response with the administration. However, lawmakers expressed frustration at the way Turner raised his concerns, which appeared to catch the Biden administration off-guard.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan acknowledged that it is highly unusual for the national security adviser to reach out to Congress, but he emphasized that he had already been due to brief Turner and other senior congressional leaders on the matter. Sullivan did not provide any further details related to Turner's statement but indicated that he would be meeting with the House members to discuss the issue.

House Speaker Mike Johnson revealed that he had sent a letter to the White House requesting a meeting with the president to discuss the serious national security issue, and Sullivan's meeting was in response to his request. While the situation remains uncertain, it is crucial to approach the matter cautiously and refrain from disclosing sources and methods that could affect U.S. options for action.

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