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Top 5 Switch games announced at Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase 2024

Nintendo Direct Showcase reveals exciting new games, including a cult classic remake and surprise sequels. Plus, a new Vanillaware masterpiece demo.

Nintendo recently held its Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, and while fans were disappointed that the highly anticipated Switch 2 was not mentioned, the event proved to be more exciting than expected. Often, these showcases focus on smaller titles from third-party developers, but this time, there were plenty of great games shown off, including surprises like a remake of a cult classic and a sequel to a beloved metroidvania game.

One of the unexpected announcements was the remake of Epic Mickey, a game that combines the unlikely pairing of Mickey Mouse and Warren Spector, the famed director of Deus Ex. Despite its strange combination, the original game was well-received, and it's intriguing to see such a niche project back in the public space again. Disney's strictness with its properties adds to the curiosity surrounding the release of Epic Mickey: Rebrushed in 2024.

Another exciting reveal was the sequel to the lesser-known metroidvania game Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights. Although not widely known, the game has a dedicated fan base and has received high praise for its stunning visuals and unique gameplay. The announcement of a sequel, Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist, has generated a lot of excitement among fans of the original game.

Penny's Big Breakaway, a classic 3D platformer with a retro aesthetic, was shadow-dropped during the presentation and is available to play now. The game features an adorable playable character navigating a colorful world with a yo-yo, and its release on Nintendo Switch and Steam has piqued the interest of many players.

Unicorn Overlord, the latest game from Vanillaware, is set to be a masterpiece in the tactical RPG genre. While the latest trailer didn't reveal much, the announcement of a demo available today has generated buzz among fans. The game's stunning illustrations and gameplay are sure to appeal to fans of Vanillaware's previous titles.

Finally, Pepper Grinder, a side-scrolling indie game, promises fast-paced action and precision as players navigate obstacles and battle enemies. With its unique concept of a girl wielding a giant drill to dig through land and defeat monsters, the game is set to launch on March 28 for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Overall, the latest Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase featured an exciting lineup of games that cater to a variety of gaming preferences. From remakes of cult classics to sequels of beloved titles, there's something for everyone to look forward to in the world of Nintendo gaming.

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