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Aaron Bushnell US Air Force member death bio career

Air Force engineer Aaron Bushnell dies after lighting himself on fire outside Israeli embassy, leaving chilling video. Free Palestine.

Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old IT engineer-in-training from Massachusetts, tragically died after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in DC. His final moments were live-streamed, as he calmly walked to the embassy's gates, doused himself in a flammable liquid, and lit it, engulfing himself in flames. In the video, he expressed his refusal to be complicit in the genocide in Gaza and repeatedly shouted "Free Palestine!" as he collapsed.

Bushnell had an impressive career in the Air Force, graduating top of his class and working as a DevOps engineer in San Antonio, Texas. He was described as an aspiring software engineer and was pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. His family, known for their religious involvement in their hometown of Orleans, is deeply saddened by his passing. Bushnell's former school, Nauset Public Schools, also expressed their condolences and heartbreak over his untimely death.

In the days leading up to his extreme act of protest, Bushnell had shown support for anarchist groups and pro-Hamas organizations on his social media. He had also shared content related to the Palestinian struggle, expressing his opposition to the war in Gaza. Two hours before his tragic act, he posted a final message on Facebook, addressing the ongoing atrocities and his refusal to be complicit.

The Air Force has been tight-lipped about Bushnell's death, only confirming that an active-duty service member died in the incident. They plan to release more information after a 24-hour period involving family notification. Despite the tragic circumstances, friends and acquaintances remember Bushnell as a principled and kind-hearted individual, who was always striving for liberation for all.

The Pentagon declined to comment on any possible ties between Aaron Bushnell and extremist groups. It remains a tragic event, and condolences have been extended to his family, friends, and the entire community impacted by his death.

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