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Marquette basketball star Tyler Kolek oblique injury: What we know

Marquette star Tyler Kolek exits game with oblique injury. Fans concerned as postseason approaches. Recovery time varies with severity.

Former Marquette standout Jae Crowder, now a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, recently offered words of encouragement to players at his alma mater.

During a recent game against Providence, Marquette's star point guard Tyler Kolek, who was the reigning Big East player of the year and a preseason first-team All-American, suffered an oblique injury that forced him to exit the game early.

The injury occurred in the second half when Kolek made a move to the baseline and then threw a pass, grabbing at his left side in discomfort. Despite staying in the game for a short while, Kolek eventually had to be subbed out and examined by the team's athletic trainer.

Oblique muscles run diagonally across the trunk, with internal obliques being the most commonly strained. These muscles are crucial for rotation and side-bending of the trunk, making them essential for a player like Kolek who relies heavily on his left hand for shots and passes.

The recovery time for oblique injuries varies depending on the severity of the strain, with rest being the primary form of treatment. Kolek has faced injuries in the past, including a thumb injury during last year's NCAA Tournament and an ankle injury earlier this season.

Despite these setbacks, Kolek has shown resilience and determination, playing through injuries and continuing to be a key player for the Marquette team. His recent injury serves as a reminder of the physical toll that athletes endure in pursuit of their goals.

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