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Jason Palmer: Democrat who defeated President Biden in American Samoa caucus

Virtual candidate Palmer wins American Samoa Democratic caucus, beating Biden. Young entrepreneur emphasizes issues important to youth. Viral win surprises.

Palmer's virtual appearance in American Samoa proved to be a successful outreach effort as he emerged victorious in the territory's Democratic caucus, dealing a blow to President Biden's Super Tuesday dominance. The campaign manager, Mario Arias, highlighted the community's desire to be heard as a key factor in Palmer's win.

With 51 votes to Biden's 40, Palmer initially secured four delegates to Biden's two, with the Associated Press later adjusting the totals to three each. American Samoa, with a population of approximately 45,000, has historically not favored Biden, as evidenced by his loss in the 2020 primary to Mike Bloomberg.

Palmer, a Baltimore resident, positions himself as a young challenger to Biden at 52 years old, emphasizing the importance of giving a voice to young people on issues like climate change. His campaign strategy includes significant personal investments, surpassing $500,000, to fund traditional campaign expenses like advertising and filing fees.

In an effort to connect with American Samoans, Palmer's campaign organized events on the ground, which he addressed virtually. The campaign's presence in the territory, including a town hall in Malaeimi, showcased Palmer's commitment to advocating for American Samoa in Washington D.C.

Palmer's unexpected victory in American Samoa drew the attention of fellow Biden challenger, Rep. Dean Phillips, highlighting the significance of his grassroots support and strategic campaign approach.

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