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Mexico cuts ties with Ecuador after police storm embassy to arrest former vice president

Former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas arrested at Mexican embassy in Quito, sparking diplomatic tensions. Mexican government plans to challenge move.

In a shocking turn of events, former Ecuadorian Vice President, Jorge Glas, was detained by police in Quito after they stormed the Mexican embassy where he had taken refuge. This bold move led to Mexico severing its diplomatic ties with Ecuador, sparking outrage and concern over international law violations.

The Ecuadorian police's raid on the Mexican embassy late Friday night to arrest Glas, who had been hiding there since December due to corruption charges, has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The forceful entry into the embassy was deemed a breach of international norms and is set to be challenged at the World Court in Hague.

The scene outside the embassy was chaotic, with Roberto Canseco, head of the Mexican consular section in Quito, expressing deep worry over the safety of Glas. The politician was swiftly flown to Guayaquil under police guard, where he awaits trial in a high-security prison. Reports from his attorney paint a grim picture of the arrest, detailing physical violence and mistreatment by the officers.

Glas, who served as Vice President from 2013 to 2017, has been embroiled in corruption scandals, leading to his removal from office and subsequent imprisonment in 2017 for accepting bribes from Odebrecht. The magnitude of the allegations against him, including the acceptance of millions in illicit funds, has tainted his political career and landed him in a precarious legal situation.

The dramatic turn of events surrounding Glas's arrest highlights the complexities of politics, corruption, and international relations. The fallout from this incident is likely to reverberate across borders, raising questions about accountability, justice, and the rule of law. As the dust settles, the implications of this brazen move by the Ecuadorian police will undoubtedly be scrutinized and debated on a global scale.

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