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Still-peeved Kevin McCarthy dishes on Matt Gaetz's underage sex probe

Ousted GOP speaker Kevin McCarthy hints at Matt Gaetz's involvement in ethics complaint regarding alleged relationship with a minor.

In a recent statement, former GOP Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy indirectly criticized his colleague, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. McCarthy, who was removed from his position last year following a controversial far-right effort led by Gaetz, hinted at the reasons behind his ousting. He suggested that a member of Congress had pressured him to intervene in an ethics complaint involving alleged inappropriate behavior with a minor, a situation that McCarthy refused to involve himself in.

Despite facing backlash for his handling of the situation, McCarthy stood by his decision to prioritize keeping the government open, even if it meant facing criticism. The House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into Gaetz in 2021 amid federal probes into sex trafficking allegations. Gaetz, who has denied any wrongdoing, has hired legal representation to navigate the ongoing investigations.

As the scrutiny surrounding Gaetz continues, McCarthy's comments shed light on the complexities of political alliances and ethical dilemmas faced by lawmakers. The situation serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding ethical standards and accountability in public office, regardless of political affiliations.

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