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Jim Jordan gains support as vote nears for U.S. House speaker, but outcome still in doubt
  • 17th Oct 2023

Jim Jordan gains support as vote nears for U.S. House speaker, but outcome still in doubt

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is confident he will secure the necessary votes to be elected speaker of the House, despite facing opposition from some members of his own party. Jordan, a polarizing figure in American politics, will need the backing of nearly all 221 GOP lawmakers in order to hold the highest office in Congress. Multiple votes may be held to elect a speaker, as happened in January when Kevin McCarthy won after 15 ballots. Jordan and his allies are pressing House GOP members to vote for him, arguing that the chamber needs a speaker to begin moving legislation again.

Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise for House Speaker but Struggle to Quickly Unite and Elect Him
  • 12th Oct 2023

Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise for House Speaker but Struggle to Quickly Unite and Elect Him

House Republicans have nominated Rep. Steve Scalise to be the next House speaker, but deep divisions within the party have delayed the election process. Scalise narrowly beat Rep. Jim Jordan in a private ballot, but it remains uncertain whether lawmakers who supported Jordan will back Scalise in a full House vote. The GOP majority is divided, and Democrats are expected to oppose the Republican nominee.

COWED: Trump forced to submit gag order
  • 5th Oct 2023

COWED: Trump forced to submit gag order

Former President Donald Trump complies with a gag order by not attacking the judge's staff in his civil fraud trial, but criticizes New York State Attorney General Letitia James instead.

What news can we find under Kevin McCarthy (actor) News Section?

Delving into the World of Kevin McCarthy, The Actor

The silver screen has seen many legends. Yet, few have made an impact quite like Kevin McCarthy. Wait! You ask; are we talking about the same guy famed for his role in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? Yes, indeed! That’s precisely who I mean.

This versatile actor embarked on his acting career back in 1938. You wonder how he began? His route to stardom is one that's worthy of a movie plot itself!

Though he was mesmerized by theatre since high school, it wasn't until college when he truly found himself drawn towards this enchanting world—and guess what? There was no looking back from there! Regaling audience with performances that left them absolutely awestruck; his dynamic portrayal brought characters to life with startling realism.

Intriguingly enough, McCarthy's news content often surrounds the fascinating roles he played throughout his prime years as an actor—not just those mystifying science fiction renditions in movies but also noteworthy appearances on television series and stage productions; actually turning into perfect trivia nuggets for film buffs. Isn't it incredible how vast his repertoire was?

Beyond just Screen Time

You might be thinking— is there more than meets the eye here? Well yes fellow reader...

Did you know Erik Estrada pronounced him dead at a shooting situation during CHiPs' “Return of Death” episode? Doesn’t that sound interestingly eerie? I find it utterly enticing myself. An exploration into Kevin McCarthy's professional journey enlightens us not only about an exceptional individual but illuminates trails blazed within cinematic history. Wouldn't you love to delve deeper into such intriguing tales from the world of glitz and glamour?

Oh! The stories we could tell about this iconic figure...

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