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Kris Jenner reaction OJ Simpson death trial 30 years later tore family apart

OJ Simpson died after battling cancer, leaving Kris Jenner silent on social media. Kim Kardashian opens up about family connection.

OJ Simpson, the former NFL star, passed away on Wednesday after a battle with cancer, leaving many wondering about the silence of Kris Jenner on social media. Kris, who was married to OJ's friend and defense attorney Robert Kardashian, has not posted anything since the news of OJ's death broke. The connection between Kris and OJ goes back to the infamous murder trial in 1994, where OJ was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Kris, who was good friends with Nicole, was deeply affected by the events surrounding the trial.

In a recent interview with David Letterman, Kim Kardashian opened up about the impact of the trial on her family. She revealed that the trial "tore" the family apart and recalled the tension in the courtroom as her mother Kris sat on the opposite side. Kris, who believed that her friend was murdered by OJ, was traumatized by the events that unfolded during the trial. Kim also shared memories of a joint vacation with OJ's family just weeks before Nicole's murder, highlighting the complex relationship between the families.

Kris' decision to remain silent on social media following OJ's death has raised questions about her feelings towards the situation. The family's connection to OJ has been a source of speculation and intrigue over the years, with Kim recalling how the trial impacted their family dynamics. As OJ's family announced his passing and requested privacy and grace during this time, the world reflects on the legacy of the controversial figure and the impact of his actions on those around him.

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