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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Brain Worms One Main Character Digg

NY Governor Hochul's ignorant comment about Black kids in the Bronx sparks outrage, while RFK Jr.'s brain worm diagnosis elicits internet reactions.

Every week, the internet buzzes with controversial comments and actions that spark outrage and discussion. As part of our mission to capture the current online conversation, Digg has compiled the top characters and events that have stirred up controversy in the past week.

This week's lineup includes a podcast discussion between Ethan Strauss and Bill Simmons, where they made a controversial statement about WNBA teams, Governor Kathy Hochul's ill-advised comment about Black kids in the Bronx not knowing what a computer is, and RFK Jr.'s diagnosis of brain worms.

In the podcast, Simmons and Strauss suggested that WNBA teams should not have unique names, sparking backlash and criticism for their disrespectful take on women's basketball. Simmons' history of questionable comments about the WNBA only added fuel to the fire, further alienating fans of the sport.

Governor Hochul's appearance at the Milken Institute Global Conference to promote Empire AI was overshadowed by her insensitive remark about Black kids in the Bronx. While she has since apologized for her comment, the damage was done, and many were rightfully offended by her words.

RFK Jr.'s controversial anti-vaxxer beliefs and independent presidential candidacy were further complicated by the revelation of his brain worm infection and mercury poisoning. The internet's reaction to this news was a collective shrug of resignation, as his tumultuous political journey continues.

Each of these incidents highlights the power of words and actions in shaping public perception and sparking debate online. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the digital age, it's important to consider the impact of our words and actions on others, and to strive for greater understanding and empathy in our interactions.

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