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Netflix Plans to Bring Another Atlas Movie: Will This be Enough to Win Over Viewers?

Jennifer Lopez stars in Netflix's Atlas, a sci-fi movie with potential but lacking depth. A prequel focusing on Harlan's backstory is needed.

Jennifer Lopez's latest Netflix movie, "Atlas," took a unique spin on the sci-fi genre, but ultimately fell short of its potential. The film introduced intriguing sci-fi elements and mech battles, but failed to provide a satisfying backstory for the weak villain, Harlan. This left audiences with more questions than answers and raised concerns about the future of the franchise.

A prequel focusing on Harlan's origin story could be the key to strengthening the foundation for future Atlas movies and exploring deeper themes. Lana Parrilla, who plays Dr. Shepherd in the film, could lead this prequel and provide insight into Harlan's transformation. By delving into Harlan's backstory, the film could pave the way for a more compelling narrative and set the stage for future installments in the franchise.

While "Atlas" had its entertaining moments, the lack of depth in Harlan's character arc left much to be desired. The film's reliance on a familiar AI trope and the superficial explanation for Harlan's turn to evil were major drawbacks. However, the potential for a prequel to address these issues and add more substance to the story is promising.

Looking ahead, a prequel that focuses on Harlan's backstory could provide the necessary foundation for future Atlas movies. By exploring Harlan's motivations and delving into the complexities of his character, the film could set the stage for a more engaging and cohesive narrative. With the right approach, a prequel could elevate the franchise and attract audiences to follow Atlas and Smith on their next adventures.

In conclusion, while "Atlas" may have missed the mark in some areas, the potential for a prequel to address these shortcomings is promising. By diving deeper into Harlan's character and backstory, the film could lay the groundwork for a more compelling and immersive story. With the right execution, a prequel could breathe new life into the Atlas franchise and captivate audiences with its rich and intricate narrative.

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