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Francis Alÿs joyous films children's games influenced by Covid, soccer without ball Mexico Iraq

Belgian artist Francis Alÿs captures kids' games worldwide, showcasing their ingenuity and resilience. Vibrant cinematic playground at London's Barbican.

Children's play is often seen as simple and easy, but in reality, it is a display of creativity and resourcefulness. Artist Francis Alÿs has spent over 20 years documenting children's games from around the world, capturing the universal and unique ways in which they entertain themselves in various contexts, including conflict, poverty, and pandemics.

In his upcoming exhibition, Ricochets, Alÿs will transform the Barbican in London into a cinematic playground showcasing games like kite fighting in Afghanistan, rope jumping in Hong Kong, stone skimming in Morocco, and spinning in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The exhibition will feature about 30 films from Alÿs's Children's Games series, creating a lively and immersive experience for visitors.

Alÿs's work spans various mediums, including film, painting, drawing, and animation. He aims to create a schoolyard atmosphere with the exhibition, where visitors can feel the energy and joy of children at play. The exhibition is divided into two parts, with the lower floor showcasing games on screens and paintings inspired by the films, while the upper floor features playrooms for interactive experiences.

Born in Belgium, Alÿs has shifted his focus from being the protagonist in his films to highlighting children as the main characters. He believes that children's play is essential for them to understand the adult world and explore their imaginations. Through his films, Alÿs captures the resilience and creativity of children in the face of adversity, showing how play becomes a coping mechanism in challenging situations.

Alÿs's work has gained international acclaim for its ability to capture the universality of children's games across cultures. He documents games from different countries without subtitles, allowing viewers to understand the essence of the games through visuals alone. The films also reflect the environments in which the children play, showcasing the impact of conflict and hardship on their lives.

As outdoor games face challenges due to factors like the internet, urbanization, and parental concerns, Alÿs sees a need to preserve these traditions. He views his work as a way to archive and celebrate the diverse forms of play that children engage in worldwide. By documenting children's games, Alÿs hopes to learn from them and shed light on the importance of play in childhood development.

Overall, Alÿs's exhibition offers a unique perspective on the power of play in children's lives, highlighting the creativity, resilience, and joy that games bring to young individuals across the globe. Through his work, Alÿs aims to create a lasting record of the diverse ways in which children play and interact with the world around them.

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