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Jim Jordan gains support as vote nears for U.S. House speaker, but outcome still in doubt

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is confident he will secure the necessary votes to be elected speaker of the House, despite facing opposition from some members of his own party. Jordan, a polarizing figure in American politics, will need the backing of nearly all 221 GOP lawmakers in order to hold the highest office in Congress. Multiple votes may be held to elect a speaker, as happened in January when Kevin McCarthy won after 15 ballots. Jordan and his allies are pressing House GOP members to vote for him, arguing that the chamber needs a speaker to begin moving legislation again.

Jordan, a controversial figure in American politics, is vying for the highest office in Congress and will need the support of the majority of GOP lawmakers in the House to secure the position. Despite facing pressure, Jordan and his allies are confident that they will reach the necessary number of votes. The process of electing a speaker may involve multiple votes, as seen earlier this year. Jordan emphasizes the importance of electing a speaker to ensure legislative progress in the House.

However, some members express concerns and opposition to Jordan's candidacy. Rep. Victoria Spartz believes that further deliberation and consensus should be reached before pushing for a floor vote. Other Republicans, such as Reps. Ken Buck and Mario Díaz-Balart, cite concerns over Jordan's actions regarding the 2020 presidential election. Díaz-Balart also expresses frustration over party pressure to vote for Jordan. On the other hand, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene argues that Republican voters support Jordan, even in districts won by Biden.

Electing Jordan, a member of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, would mark a significant shift from the initial secret ballot where over 50 House Republicans expressed their opposition to him. However, Rep. Tim Burchett believes that Jordan's support deficit has decreased. Despite differing opinions, many Republicans agree on the urgent need for a speaker to address pressing issues.

After a weekend of vote wrangling, Jordan releases a letter urging support for his bid, emphasizing the importance of unity and empowering committees to pass legislation. House Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry acknowledges the challenges that Jordan may face as speaker but believes that he deserves a chance to succeed. Jordan's nomination as speaker follows a tumultuous week for House Republicans, with Louisiana's Steve Scalise initially nominated but later withdrawing.

As the process unfolds, more Republicans, including House Armed Services Chair Mike Rogers and Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner, come around to supporting Jordan's bid. They highlight their agreement on key legislative priorities. However, Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez remains opposed and plans to vote for McCarthy.

In conclusion, Jordan's bid for speaker of the House is met with both support and opposition within the GOP. The final outcome will depend on the votes of Republican lawmakers and their assessment of Jordan's ability to lead and address critical issues facing the country.

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