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"Wild Reactions Erupt after Lauren Boebert Theatre Video of Beetlejuice Fracas: The Longest Walk of Shame Ever Seen"

Republican politician Lauren Boebert was escorted out of a Denver theatre for allegedly causing a disturbance during a Broadway musical.

American Republican politician, businesswoman, and gun rights activist Lauren Boebert caused quite a stir when she was escorted out of the Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado during a performance of the Broadway musical Beetlejuice. According to reports, Boebert was accused of vaping, singing, and causing a disturbance during the show, leading to an incident report being filed by the Denver Arts & Venues organization.

The incident quickly gained attention on social media, with images and videos from the show going viral. This sparked a wave of criticism and backlash against Boebert, with many netizens expressing their outrage. One user, known as X, responded to a tweet from @MeidasTouch reporting the incident.

Boebert, who serves as the Republican United States Representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district, was attending the Beetlejuice musical at the Buell Theatre when the alleged disruptive behavior occurred. A complaint was later filed against Boebert and her partner for vaping, singing, and causing a disturbance inside the theater.

The Denver Post reported that three other audience members collaborated with the Denver Arts & Venues to file the incident report, which did not explicitly mention Boebert's name but stated that two patrons were asked to leave the theater. Boebert was initially given a warning during intermission but apparently disregarded it. Security had to approach her and her partner five minutes into the second half to ask them to leave, as they were being excessively loud and recording the show, which violated theater policy.

The situation escalated when Boebert and her companion refused to leave, even after being warned that the Denver police would be called. They allegedly replied, "Go get them!" Finally, security managed to escort them out, but not without resistance from Boebert, who reportedly made threats and claimed her status as a board member.

The release of images and videos from the theater's surveillance camera only intensified the backlash against Boebert on social media. Many users ridiculed and criticized her for her behavior. However, there were a few individuals who expressed support for her.

In response to the controversy, Boebert's campaign manager, Drew Sexton, confirmed that she was indeed escorted out of the theater. He defended Boebert by stating that she did not vape during the musical and was unaware that videography was prohibited. He emphasized that Boebert is a supporter of the performing arts and enjoyed the performance of Beetlejuice.

The New York Post reported that Boebert's companion was Quinn Gallagher, a Democrat bar owner based in Aspen, who was allegedly her "covert date." Interestingly, two days after the incident, Boebert took to social media to confirm that she missed the end of the show and jokingly pleaded guilty to laughing and singing too loudly. She encouraged theater lovers to see the musical and share how it ends with her.

According to The Denver Post, this is not the first time Boebert has found herself in trouble in public. She has been arrested and summoned to court at least four times for similar incidents, such as bypassing metal detectors and refusing to hand over her purse for a routine check before entering the House.

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