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Lauren Boebert theater video sparks new Democrat setup theory

Social media users speculate that the CCTV footage of Rep. Lauren Boebert vaping and touching her male companion was a setup to harm her reputation.

Social media users have generated a new theory surrounding the CCTV footage of Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, suggesting that she was set up by a Democrat bar owner. The footage shows Boebert vaping and engaging in inappropriate behavior with her male companion at a Denver theater. Journalist Liz Crokin speculates that Boebert's date was paid to orchestrate the incident, taking advantage of her vulnerability following her recent divorce. Crokin suggests that the man charmed and seduced Boebert, possibly even intoxicating her, before orchestrating the encounter in a theater equipped with night vision cameras. The release of the high-definition video was likely intended to damage Boebert's reputation. Crokin, drawing from her own experience, claims that these types of setups are common tactics used to harm individuals.

Boebert was captured on surveillance footage vaping and taking photos during a performance of Beetlejuice: The Musical at the Buell Theatre in Denver. She was seen engaging in physical contact with her male companion, identified as Quinn Gallagher, prompting speculation on social media. The Daily Mail reports that Gallagher is believed to be a Democrat, and his co-ownership of the Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar, which has hosted LGBTQ+ events, contrasts with Boebert's political beliefs.

Numerous social media users have echoed the theory that Boebert's removal from the theater was a planned incident. They question how Gallagher seemed aware of the camera's presence and suggest that his motives and political affiliations should be scrutinized. The possibility of a setup or a casual encounter pursued by someone interested in Boebert romantically is also raised.

Initially, Boebert denied vaping during the musical but later apologized, acknowledging the challenges she has faced during her public and difficult divorce. She expressed regret for falling short of her values and admitted that she may have forgotten about vaping due to the excitement of the event and being in a new environment. Boebert's statement emphasizes that her campaign did not intend to mislead, but they understand how the situation appears and are committed to rebuilding trust.

Newsweek has reached out to Boebert's press office and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts for comment.

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