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Jimmy Carter celebrates 99th birthday with family as peers pay tribute to former U.S. president

Former President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 99th birthday with his family in Plains, Georgia, breaking his routine of watching church services online. The celebration took place in the same house where the Carters lived before he was first elected to the Georgia Senate in 1962.

Jimmy Carter, known for his discipline and routine, broke tradition on his 99th birthday. Instead of quietly watching church services online, he celebrated with his family in Plains, Ga. The gathering took place in the same house where the Carters lived before Jimmy was elected to the Georgia Senate in 1962. This was a special opportunity for Carter's family to honor his personal legacy.

Despite being global figures, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have always remained down-to-earth. Their grandson, Jason Carter, spoke of their humble nature, saying that despite their accomplishments, they have stayed true to their South Georgia roots. They have made it easy for their family to live a normal life, even with their global influence.

Meanwhile, at The Carter Center in Atlanta, a naturalization ceremony took place, where 99 new American citizens from 45 countries took the oath of allegiance. This ceremony was timed to coincide with Jimmy Carter's birthday, adding to the celebration. Tania Martinez, a nurse from Cuba who came to the U.S. from Ghana, expressed her joy and gratitude at becoming a citizen.

It is remarkable to celebrate the 99th birthday of the longest-lived U.S. president. Earlier this year, the Carters announced that Jimmy was entering home hospice care after deciding to forgo further medical treatments. However, Jimmy Carter has defied the odds once again, showing his resilience and strength. Donna Brazile, a former Democratic national chairperson, compared him to a towering, old Southern oak, emphasizing his remarkable character.

Jill Stuckey, a Plains resident who regularly visits the Carters, also spoke of their resilience. She advised against underestimating Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Despite his health challenges, Jimmy Carter has been able to enjoy the recognition and accolades typically reserved for when a former president passes away. World leaders and pop culture figures have sent messages of admiration, highlighting Carter's four decades of global humanitarian work and his advocacy for peace and democracy.

Katie Couric, the first woman to anchor a U.S. television network's evening news broadcast, praised Carter for his relentless efforts to make the world a better place. She mentioned his work in eradicating diseases, advocating for peace, and his involvement with Habitat for Humanity. Bill Clinton, the 42nd president, also sent a video message, expressing his appreciation for Carter's service and friendship.

The celebrations continued with musical tributes from Peter Gabriel and the Indigo Girls. In Atlanta, the Carter Library & Museum and Carter Center held a weekend of events, including a citizenship ceremony. The museum even offered 99-cent admission as a special tribute. These events were made possible by an agreement in Congress to avoid a government shutdown.

Jason Carter, Jimmy's grandson, shared that his grandfather finds it gratifying to see reassessments of his presidency. While Carter's term has often been labeled as a failure due to various challenges, historians have begun to recognize his focus on diplomacy, environmental concerns, and efficient government. His presidency added little to the national debt, which has led to a new perspective on his time in office.

Overall, Jimmy Carter's 99th birthday was a celebration of his personal legacy and his contributions to the world. Despite his health challenges, he has defied the odds and continues to inspire admiration and gratitude from people around the globe.

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