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Pro-EU Polish PM Donald Tusk unveils program for new government

New Polish PM Donald Tusk promises major change after 8 years of nationalist government, pledging to improve relations with the EU.

New Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has revealed his ambitious program for the government, vowing to bring about significant change following eight years of nationalist rule.

His plans include repairing relations with the European Union and committing to reinstating the rule of law, which has been a source of contention with Brussels for some time.

Despite ideological differences within his coalition, Tusk has promised to improve women's access to legal abortions. He has also pledged to offer support to Ukraine and to maintain strong alliances with the United States and NATO.

Tusk's address to parliament coincided with a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that found Poland in violation of the rights of same-sex couples by denying them legal recognition and protection. This decision is open to appeal.

In his speech, Tusk emphasized the importance of Poland's position in the world and in Europe, asserting that an isolated Poland poses the greatest threat to the country's security. He expressed his intention to restore Poland's leadership role in the European Union.

As a former president of the European Council, Tusk announced that his first foreign trip would be to Brussels, where he aims to resolve the issue of over €35 billion in EU recovery funds that have been withheld over concerns about the rule of law.

He also plans to visit Tallinn to meet with leaders from the Baltic and Nordic states. Tusk acknowledged the differing opinions within his coalition regarding the liberalization of Poland's strict abortion laws, but he affirmed the government's commitment to ensuring women have access to legal abortions.

Additionally, Tusk addressed the challenges of uncontrolled migration, emphasizing the need to secure Poland's borders while treating migrants humanely.

If Tusk's government secures the vote of confidence, it will be sworn in by President Andrzej Duda. However, the day was marred by an incident involving far-right MP Grzegorz Braun, who extinguished candles on a menorah in the parliament during the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. This incident was condemned by Tusk, and Braun was reprimanded by parliament officials.

Overall, Tusk's plans for the new government aim to bring about significant change and restore Poland's standing on the international stage, while addressing internal challenges and controversies.

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