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Kevin Durant NBA GOAT Debate: Should I be included?

Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant believes he should be in the NBA's greatest of all-time conversation, despite polarizing career moves.

Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant believes that he deserves to be considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, alongside legends like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. However, Durant's move from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors in 2016 is still a controversial topic in the NBA world. Some argue that Durant took the easy way out by joining a team that was already established and fresh off a championship run.

Despite the controversy surrounding his move, Durant has an impressive basketball resume. He has won two NBA championships and two finals MVPs with the Warriors, as well as being a 13-time NBA All-Star and winning a regular season MVP award in 2013-14. He also holds three Olympic gold medals and is the leading scorer in Team USA's men's Olympic basketball history.

However, Durant's decision to join the Warriors has been the subject of jokes and criticism. He has been mocked for his move, and some have even called his career outside of Golden State an "abject failure." When it comes to championships, Durant falls behind Jordan and James, as well as Bill Russell and Kobe Bryant, who have all won more titles.

After leaving the Warriors and joining the Brooklyn Nets in 2019, Durant is now with the Phoenix Suns and is having an MVP-caliber season. He is currently 10th on the NBA's all-time scoring list and was named to the NBA's 75th Anniversary team in 2021.

Durant's career has been full of ups and downs, from his controversial move to the Warriors to his recent success with the Suns. Despite the criticism and jokes, Durant remains focused on proving his place among the greatest basketball players of all time.

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