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CA Legislature Introduces 2,124 Bills: Voter ID, Reparations, Daylight Savings Time Included

California Legislature introduces 2,124 new bills, including voter ID and daylight savings. Find out more about the latest proposed legislation.

After the recent bill introduction deadline, the California Legislature has a total of 2,124 new bills this year. This includes 1,505 bills in the Assembly and 619 in the Senate. While this number is close to the recent average, not all bills make it to the governor's desk. Some bills are not intended to reach that point, while others are introduced without considering the effectiveness of existing laws.

Last year, over 2,600 bills were introduced, with 1,046 passed by the legislature. Governor Gavin Newsom signed 890 bills and vetoed 156. As 2024 is an election year, lawmakers may be looking to secure legislative wins that bear the governor's signature to bolster their reelection campaigns.

Some interesting bills introduced at the deadline include measures related to artificial intelligence, daylight savings time, downtown redevelopment, elections, reparations, traffic safety, and psychedelic drug therapy.

Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan introduced a bill to address biases in artificial intelligence technology. Senator Roger Niello proposed legislation to establish standard time year-round, while Senator Joe Patterson prefers permanent daylight savings time. Senator Scott Wiener has a bill to expedite affordable housing development in San Francisco, and Senator Dave Min introduced a measure to preempt voter identification requirements in local elections.

Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer's bill seeks a formal apology for human rights violations against African slaves and their descendants, while Senator Steven Bradford's bill aims to establish a fund for reparations and restorative justice. Assemblymember Kate Sanchez's bill doubles fines for protestors who block highways, particularly if it interferes with emergency vehicles.

Additionally, there is a bill to allow the use of psychedelic drugs in therapy, with unexpected coauthors. These bills address a range of important issues and reflect the diverse concerns of Californians.

Lynn La, the writer of the WhatMatters newsletter, provides insightful analysis on these legislative developments. With a background in journalism and public health, she offers a unique perspective on the implications of these bills for the state of California. CalMatters is dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of important issues affecting Californians, and these bills are just a few examples of the ongoing legislative efforts in the state.

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