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Ousted Binaisa Appeals to US President Carter and British Prime Minister Thatcher

Binaisa ousted as president of Uganda after power struggle, house arrest, and appeals for help from world leaders and allies.

Forty-four years ago, on May 12, 1980, Godfrey Binaisa's 11-month tenure as president came to an end when a six-member Military Commission led by Paul Muwanga took control of the government. The Commission, which included Yoweri Museveni and other prominent figures, ousted Binaisa in what was described as a fierce power struggle within the Uganda National Liberation Front/Army (UNLF/A).

The events leading to Binaisa's removal were marked by disagreements and tensions, culminating in the seizure of Radio Uganda and the surrounding of Nile Mansions Hotel by UNLA soldiers loyal to Museveni and Oyite-Ojok. Binaisa, who was placed under house arrest at State House Entebbe, sought help from Julius Nyerere, appealing for protection until a safe house could be found for him.

During the tumultuous period, Binaisa reached out to international leaders, including then US president Jimmy Carter and British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, seeking assistance in overturning the coup. He criticized Nyerere for supporting the rebels who had ousted him from power, highlighting the political complexities and alliances at play during that time.

Despite his efforts to garner support from international allies, Binaisa's appeals went unanswered, and he remained confined at State House Entebbe under the watch of Tanzanian troops. The situation highlighted the challenges and uncertainties faced by Binaisa as he navigated a complex political landscape fraught with power struggles and shifting allegiances.

Ultimately, Binaisa's ouster marked a significant turning point in Uganda's political history, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of power and influence that shaped the country's leadership during that period. The events surrounding his removal underscored the complexities and challenges faced by leaders in navigating political turmoil and seeking support in times of crisis.

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