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Hasan Minhaj: Unveiling His Sketchy Side
  • 16th Sep 2023

Hasan Minhaj: Unveiling His Sketchy Side

"Family values" party ignores scandalous behavior of Congresswoman Boebert and Governor Noem's reported affair. eBay auction items for striking movie & TV crews.

Disney talks on ABC sale heat up as Byron Allen makes offer
  • 16th Sep 2023

Disney talks on ABC sale heat up as Byron Allen makes offer

Disney has received an offer of $10bn from media mogul Byron Allen for its ABC TV network, local stations, and cable channels, as the company seeks to focus on streaming. Allen's offer is preliminary and could change, but is based on the assumption that the assets generated $1.25bn in earnings over the past year. Disney has also held talks with Nexstar Media Group about ABC and its eight local TV stations. No decision has been made about a sale, but the negotiations could help establish the value of television assets.

Clarence Avant, 'Black Godfather' of Entertainment and Philanthropist, Passes Away
  • 14th Aug 2023

Clarence Avant, 'Black Godfather' of Entertainment and Philanthropist, Passes Away

Clarence Avant, the influential "Black Godfather" of music and entertainment, has died at the age of 92. Avant helped launch the careers of Quincy Jones, Bill Withers, and many others. He was known for his behind-the-scenes work as a manager, adviser, and facilitator in the industry. Avant's legacy extends beyond music, as he also made significant contributions to sports and politics. His family released a statement expressing their sorrow over his loss and celebrating the impact he had on the world.

What news can we find under BET News Section?

Ever wondered what an exciting journey BET services can take you on? BET, also known as Black Entertainment Television, is an American cable TV network that offers a vast collection of news content in various captivating categories let's dive into this world.

BET News, one of the main segments, is your one-stop destination for all news relating to black culture globally. It stays ahead by showcasing topical and poignant stories from politics to entertainment. You've sure followed the dramatic run-up to the US Presidential elections, right? Well, if so, then channels like BET were sources keeping everyone posted!

Moving on from hard-core political drumming, don't miss out on 'The Beat'. As interesting as its name reads - this sub-segment gives you updates about Hip-Hop music! Can it get any better than having access to contemporary art forms shaping a whole generation?

Adding another cherry onto our flavourful cake- there's something for sports enthusiasts too. With episodes surrounding NBA tournaments or even athlete interviews underscoring their personal journeys- Jock Talk/ BET Sports report are shows catering precisely to adrenaline junkies.

To keep things entertaining along with educating viewers about rich African-American histories - some solutions often throw relevancy over centuries-old topics. Ever scrolled through 'On This Day' sections popping unusual facts pushing us back down memory lane?

Intriguing much? Put simply; sifting through BET services means peeping into diverse chapters underlining significant aspects encompassing all walks of life. And hey did I forget fans inundating chat rooms during Tyler Perry Premieres?! The magic keeps revealing itself

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