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Texas AG Ken Paxton pleads not guilty at impeachment trial, departs as arguments commence
  • 5th Sep 2023

Texas AG Ken Paxton pleads not guilty at impeachment trial, departs as arguments commence

The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has begun, putting Republicans in a difficult position. Paxton, who has faced felony charges and an FBI investigation, has remained popular among hard-right Republicans by aligning himself with Donald Trump. The trial is rare in its attempt to hold a member of the party accountable for alleged wrongdoing.

France condemns Gabon coup
  • 30th Aug 2023

France condemns Gabon coup

France condemns the military coup in Gabon, where President Ali Bongo Ondimba was toppled, marking a setback for Paris in Africa.

What news can we find under Political corruption News Section?

Branding the Beast: Unmasking Political Corruption

Haven't we all been curious about what hides beneath those meticulously knotted ties and polished catchphrases of politicians? So, buckle up, because today we're diving deep into the realm of Political corruption.

Your TV screen might narrate a tale of progress or spin stories around investment-friendly policies. However, tuck their veneer just a tiny bit; you may glimpse news content that revolves around the ugly underbelly of politics - 'The Big C', yes, Corruption! Not your average monster-under-the-bed story but possibly even scarier.

Ever encountered headlines splashing tales about bribery scandals? Propositions for money laundering soaring higher than sky-high skyscrapers? These are classic examples caught in our net when fishing for political corruption. Bribery is to political corruption like butter is to bread- unfortunately ubiquitous and deeply ingrained!

Apart from all this monetary horror show, let me drop another bomb – 'Abuse of Power'! Sounds familiar right? Ironically as common as apple pie in political circles across borders and spectrums. The disheartening truth revealed by countless dossiers states downfalls due to ego trips loaded with abusive power misuse.

The darker corner showcases an unending saga directed towards ending democracy's ethos – cronyism. Ever puzzled over any unworthy Jack getting ahead in his game way too fast only on Uncle Joe's recommendations?

In summary folks, if there exists a dark cloud named ‘corruption’ cast over our beloved Democracy Land then remember it does not rain but pours heavily rusted coins.

No silver lining here though!

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