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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention News & Breaking Stories

'Free' Covid tests from federal government to cost taxpayers billions - Must Read Alaska
  • 21st Sep 2023

'Free' Covid tests from federal government to cost taxpayers billions - Must Read Alaska

The Biden Administration is providing free Covid-19 test kits to Americans starting Sept. 25, with four tests per household available through The kits can detect the latest variants and will be available until the end of December. The program's costs are unclear, but in 2022, three companies were awarded $2 billion to provide 380 million free test kits. The announcement comes a year after President Biden declared the pandemic over. Insurance companies are no longer covering the cost of test kits, and the government has also granted $600 million to 12 Covid-19 test manufacturers.

Cases of Leprosy Spreading in Central Florida: CDC Reports
  • 2nd Aug 2023

Cases of Leprosy Spreading in Central Florida: CDC Reports

Leprosy cases have unexpectedly emerged in central Florida, with experts suggesting the disease may be endemic to the region. The majority of cases in the US were reported in central Florida, and 34% of new patients appeared to have acquired the disease locally. Efforts to stop the spread of leprosy have been hindered by its rarity and slow-spreading nature. Physicians can aid in identifying and reducing transmission by reporting cases and supporting efforts to identify routes of transmission. Subscribe to receive breaking news alerts for free.

What news can we find under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention News Section?

Delving into the Cornucopia of News About The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Hello there, ever wondered what's cooking in health news these days? Well, we are about to delve deeper into the epicenter of all things related to disease prevention and control. Yes, you guessed it right! Our spotlight today is on none other than The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You ready?

CDC-related news content spans a multitude of topics - everything from daily health advisories, epidemiological research findings, to public health initiatives. Ever heard those buzzing discussions around COVID-19 statistics or vaccination progress? That's CDC data in action!

Seriously though, think about it for a second — hadn't it been easier understanding the ambiguities surrounding this mammoth pandemic because of those neatly compiled graphics by CDC? And who can forget their significant role during the Ebola crisis back in 2014 or their groundbreaking strides against Polio -- truly reminiscent of a superhero comic storyline.

Funny comparison aside; CDC really has been our dependable Bat-Signal amidst health crises for ages. But hey! They're not just about disease outbreaks. Did you know that they also float valuable insights concerning mental health issues, obesity tendencies even occupational safety guidelines as well?

In fact here’s an interesting metaphor: Like multifaceted diamonds glittering under sunlight with different shades; similarly, within your day-to-day dose of CNN or NYT scans; beneath the 'CDC' tagline lies treasure troves filled with cutting-edge biomedical studies results, intriguing outcomes from human behavior patterns investigations (smoking habits anyone?), pragmatic dietary regulations advice…just to name a handful!

All said and done...What makes these pieces stand out is certainly how each bit embodies both accuracy mixed with simplicity - making scientific jargon more accessible & less intimidating ('cause who enjoys getting tangled among medical terminologies right?). As such ensuring every reader remains well-informed creating healthier choices.

So folks wondering where all trail-blazing movements commences within global healthcare domain? Yup! It might fairly likely originate straightaway from quick peeks through sparkling cornerstones proclaimed via reliable platforms encompassing keyword ‘CDC’.

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