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Struggler: Genesis Owusu's Bold Follow-Up to Hit Debut Album
  • 21st Aug 2023

Struggler: Genesis Owusu's Bold Follow-Up to Hit Debut Album

Genesis Owusu, an Australian musician, has won numerous music awards and is now releasing his second LP, "Struggler," a concept album about the life of a cockroach. The album reflects on the chaotic world and the perseverance against overwhelming forces. Owusu, born to African parents in Australia, aims to showcase his genuine and authentic music to the world.

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Hail isn't just chunks of ice falling from the sky! I mean, that is part of it, but there’s so much more to its story. Let's imagine hailstones as tricky little spies descending from an atmospheric world high above with their impressive layered masks - bundles of information waiting to be deciphered.

Under the umbrella term ‘hail’, you'll find a variety of newsworthy subjects primarily ascending from science or weather categories. For instance, often in your local or global forecasts on television and digital platforms alike, meteorologists explaining upcoming hailstorms, vividly painting details about potential impacts caused by these icy invaders.

You may trace reports on hailstorm-induced damages. Stories narrate how they can puncture roofs and shatter windows like ethereal cannonballs bringing forth immense property damage while sometimes disrupting essential services too! An unfortunate reality for some citizens annually dealing with such catastrophic events.

Grooving alongside pure meteorological reporting are instances where experts' research findings become headlines themselves. Picture—the secrets lurking inside each singular tiny crystal ball—that scientists are unravelling one layer at a time—'huge leaps forward '=’ have been mentioned occasionally over scientific breakthroughs when understanding climatic patterns better due to studying these icy oddities!

Similarly trending tags include dramatic accounts resulting from unexpected violent storm conditions causing bewilderment and apprehension within communities getting hit with situations not originally predicted by meteorologists.'

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