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Snoop Dogg News & Breaking Stories

snoop dogg brother bing worthington
  • 17th Feb 2024

snoop dogg brother bing worthington

Snoop Dogg's brother Bing Worthington sadly passed away at 44. Snoop shared a tribute on Instagram, leaving fans heartbroken.

Music Podcasts Win Big at 2023 Signal Awards
  • 11th Oct 2023

Music Podcasts Win Big at 2023 Signal Awards

The Signal Awards announced the winners of its second annual ceremony, with music-based podcasts taking home the top honors. Podcasts featuring artists like Doja Cat, Björk, Snoop Dogg, and Meghan Trainor will be recognized at the event.

Lil Tay, teenage social media star, dies
  • 9th Aug 2023

Lil Tay, teenage social media star, dies

Young social media star Lil Tay, known for her foulmouthed videos, has died at the age of 14, according to multiple reports. The rising rapper's family announced her death in a statement on Instagram, expressing their shock and grief. Lil Tay gained popularity in 2018 for her Instagram posts flaunting designer clothes and luxury cars, and her videos garnered millions of views. Her death, along with her brother's, is still under investigation.

What news can we find under Snoop Dogg News Section?

Ever wondered what's buzzing in the world of Snoop Dogg? The iconic rapper, known for his relaxed rhymes, cooking shows, and entrepreneurial exploits, is a hotbed for fascinating news content. So let’s fill you up with some intriguing updates about our favorite West Coast rap icon.

The content surrounding Snoop Dogg primarily revolves around three spheres - music, business ventures and entertainment engagements. Who wouldn't love to listen to 'Drop It Like It's Hot', right?

In the Music section, it's all about his albums and collaborations. Ever since bursting onto the scene in 1993 with Dr. Dre’s album ‘The Chronic’, he has been producing chart-topping tracks that make us sway! His collabs with artists like Pharrell Williams or Martha Stewart are real gems not just on Spotify but also while driving down memory lane!

Moving onto his entrepreneurship activities, got any clue how high Snoop flies? A hint might lie in one of his latest business initiatives: cannabis product line ‘Leafs By Snoop’. Yes,this hip-hop megastar turned weed entrepreneur runs businesses based upon what he famously enjoys – marijuana.

Last but certainly not least—his television appearances! Be it starring as ‘Coach Snoop’ or ruling hearts with Martha Stewart in their Emmy-nominated show 'Martha &Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party', viewers have seen various embodiments of him on-screen. Isn’t this proving that Cali-rapper-turned-international-icon keeps serving us delightful surprises?

Scoop-a-doop folks- keeping tabs on Mr.Snoopy D-O double G is always full of interesting twists! Who knows what tales he'll spin next under those dreadlocks!

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